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Keva is enjoying London’s Sunshine !

Who says you can’t run and eat cake Too !

As a former marathon runner, my passion for running started when I was 9 years old, running races on the dirt roads on the island of Andros in the Bahamas. The passion continued in my early adulthood, running for hours from one end of Nassau (the capital of the Bahamas, which is only 22 miles long)to other end and then home again. Along the turquoise waters of seaside, the ocean breeze, the warm sunshine, beautiful tropical trees along the way.

Along with my passion for running is my love of cooking and baking. Running the distance with hours to think I have the time to think up new Creative ideas and recipes.

My luxury rum cakes for created when I was training for the Dublin marathon, with hours of running weekly, it was a great opportunity to bake these delicious cakes made with natural ingredients without the guilted, especially if I had a 20 miler run the next day it was my energy booster!

You can indulgence in a slice of sunshine and run as well!

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